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Sit or Kneel

When we talk about office chairs, we see the regular black chair standing on five wheels, with adjustable height and also adjustable arms and back features.  This ergonomic chair will be used at a computer workstation, adjusted satisfactorily for its user, making sitting more comfortable and work more enjoyable.

However, offices are more than computer workstations.

In many companies, you will find offices, meeting rooms, reception areas and rest rooms and it is easy to see that the ergonomic office chair at the computer workstation will not do its job in the other areas stated.

The meeting room may stand empty most of the time and the number of people present at a sitting may vary.  It therefore makes sense to use stackable chairs so that when they are not in use in a particular meeting, they are not viewed as ‘empty’ seats.  Stackable chairs may come with tubular steel frames (e.g. the cantilever design) and the fabric used for the seating may vary, from elastic fabric which moulds with the user’s shape, to mesh, which allows the user’s back to breathe.

The reception area of a company may be the first point of entry for future customers, so getting the seating right is vital.  Whilst connected chairs might be thought to be all right for an airport or a doctor’s surgery, an upholstered comfy chair will build better relationships, by making the prospective customer feel at ease.

Today’s companies now also address personal development and maybe the kneeling chair might just fit the bill, in these group activities.  Although this chair does not have a back rest, its design encourages good posture and also an alert sitting position. This ergonomic chair takes some of the pressure off the thighs, which is then taken up by the shins.  As with any chair, it is important to get up and move around for a little time.  However, the original Balans chair, which was designed by Peter Opsvik in the seventies, was seated on rocking horse runners, to encourage the user to keep one leg extended, so as to rock the chair, a rather novel way of flexing the muscles!

So, when it comes to buying the right ergonomic chair, remember that the word ‘ergonomic’ means getting the situation right for the user.  Taking advice and guidance on making the right purchase will really pay off, as a perfect match makes for a happier worker and all of the benefits that go with it.

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